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Victorian Jewelry: VJ107

A PROMISE OF HOPE ( Victorian Jewelry Jet Brooch ): Anchors were popular as a mourning motif, sometimes representing a loved one lost at sea or referring to the three symbols of Christianity: Faith, Hope & Love, with the anchor representative of Hope. In this gleaming large scale carved Victorian Whitby Jet Brooch the anchor becomes an unforgettable example of Victorian Jewelry at its best. (c. 1850-1860) The shiny jet is jointed to form this design. The stem of the anchor fits into the top and bottom pieces. The silver “rope” appears to be a late addition or replacement. The original C clasp and extended pin stem are still in place. This Antique Brooch is as wearable today as it was over a century and a half ago. Jet is always elegant and sophisticated – fit for a Queen! Condition: Excellent. Some old adhesive at the joints on the back. Size: 3 5/8” high, 2 1/4” wide, 1/4” deep.

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