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THE WINGED SOUL ( Victorian Jewelry Sparrow Brooch ): One of the main points of Victorian Romanticism to look for is the use of birds and flowers as an expression of love. Romantic messages were conveyed through an elaborate system of symbolic tokens. Birds in flight represented the “winged” soul. This Antique Silver Sparrow Brooch carries a heart in his beak – “my love flies to you”. (c. 1850-70) The sparrow has cabochons of turquoise set in his wings and tail feathers. His eyes are garnets and the dangling heart has a tiny turquoise stone at its center. The silver sparrow is 800 silver (925 is Sterling ). Take notice of the lovely long wing feathers and the fully rounded body. The back has a C clasp closure. What a charming tribute to love. Condition: Excellent. All stones are original. Size: 1 1/2” long, 1 1/2” wide, body is 1/4” deep.  

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