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Victorian Jewelry: VJ099

GREAT WHITE HUNTER MEMENTO ( Victorian Jewelry Tiger Claw Brooch ): One of the many seemingly odd Victorian traits was their unending appetite for exotic jewelry from exotic places. This wonderful antique gold-mounted tiger claw brooch illustrates the rage for items from India. In 1876 Victoria was proclaimed the Empress of India, so it is not surprising that Mogul jewelry and elaborately set tiger claws made their appearance. The “Great White Hunters” made their mark on fashion – jewelry and other small objects were frequently sent home as mementos of their hunting expertise. Mounted in India this style of dense surface foliate repoussé work is typical of the metal work done in India. The back has a C clasp and the brooch is very light weight. A set of Tiger Claw Jewelry is illustrated on Page 31 of Warman’s Jewelry, 2nd Edition. Try to picture the Victorian lady who received this trophy. Exotic indeed! Condition: Excellent. A natural drying of the old claw surface. Brooch size: 1 1/2” high, 1” wide at the top, claw curves to 1 3/4” wide.

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