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Victorian Jewelry: VJ097

JEWELS OF JET ( Victorian Jewelry Antique Whitby Jet Earrings ): Considering that many Victorian women wore black for most of their adult lives, it is not surprising that they would want to enhance their “toilet” with a bit of fashionable elegance. Because it was fashionable, black jewelry was also worn by women who were not in mourning. Jewels of jet were the first choice for ladies of social standing. This superb pair of elaborately carved Whitby Jet earrings is a perfect example of sophisticated, fashionable jet jewelry. (c. 1860-70) Long drops of jet have been deeply hand carved all the way around. Small jet rosettes are prong set at the top. (If examined closely these lightweight marvels do not match identically, proof of hand carving.) The earring caps and findings are 12KT gold. The kidney pierced ear wires are replacements for the original shepherd’s hooks. Black, flashing and alive, these “earbobs” shimmer and glint as they dance next to your face. Condition: Excellent. No breaks or chips. No pin holes. Size: From the top of the jet rosettes 2 3/8” long, 1/2” wide.  

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