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Victorian Jewelry: VJ094

TINY GLASS WONDER ( Victorian Jewelry Micro Mosaic Pendant ): Micro mosaics always make me gaze in amazement at the diminutive works of art. Made of tiny glass pieces called tesserae, the miniscule shards of glass blend together to form complex and subtle scenes of great artistry. This exquisite Victorian micro mosaic pendant (c. 1860) is a perfect example of classical revival styling. The center oval features two doves amidst a garden of rose blossoms. Hues of pink, green, gray and white form the charming birds and flowers, all set in a black background. The outer oval surround is equally lovely, a complex abstract pattern of red, white and black pieces. The 15KT mounting and bale are a lush soft gold, decorated with wire twists and tiny golden orbs. The pendant is free swinging from the wide decorated bale. This micro mosaic is Italian and has Roman marks on the center back and bale. The quality of this pendant is so remarkable! I doubt that I will ever be able to find another that is its equal. It is a truly stunning miniature work of art, highly prized by collectors of Victorian jewelry. Condition: Excellent. Tight mosaic work with no tesserae missing. The top of the bale has a tiny superficial crack that does not run through the metal. Size: Bale & pendant are 1 3/4 long, 1 wide. The pendant is 3/8 deep.

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