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Victorian Jewelry: VJ091

FRINGE MOVEMENT (Victorian Jewelry Agate Earrings ): Earrings of the 1860’s and 1870’s showed great ingenuity and variety of motif. During the mid-Victorian years they became high fashion accessories. This pair of Classical Revival “bull’s eye” agate earrings is simply grand (c. 1860-1870) The cabochon agate stones are black on the outer edge, with a white circle and a very dark brown center. A fine beaded edging surrounds the gold circular shape of the earrings and 6 gold balls accent the central piece of agate. Gold wire fringe gives these earrings the “bells and whistles” look associated with mid-Victorian jewelry. They retain their original shepherd’s hook ear wires. The classical revival interest introduced stronger, more geometric forms and styles. Earrings offered a greater scope of movement making good use of fringes to add a playful lightness to their designs. Where before, every surface of jewelry had been covered with fussy but delicate decorations, gold was now left plain and smooth. Plain gold was often “colored” or given a “bloom”. This process involved dipping the piece into an acid bath of salt, saltpeter, muriatic acid and water. This dissolved the outer layers of alloy, leaving a film of pure gold on the surface. Jewelry colored in this way has a frosted, creamy sheen which looks particularly rich and appealing on plain surfaces. Condition: Excellent. All fringe dangles in place. Size: 1 5/8” from top of central circle, 3/4” wide. Circle is 3/4” in diameter.  

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