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Victorian Jewelry: VJ086

PRETTY PINK ROSES ON BLUE ENAMEL ( Edwardian Jewelry Enamel Locket ): A garland of four dainty pink roses graces this blue enamel on silver locket. (c. 1910-20) The hand painted rose floral design is the central motif on this pretty corn flower blue locket with a very pale blue center design. There are tiny gold accents on the guilloche enamel locket front. The more complex the design and the more colors used, the more highly the piece is valued. The technique of guilloche enamel features an engraved decoration of geometric design achieved by engine turning. When used as a base for translucent enamel, it creates a shimmering effect. These delicate and feminine lockets have become a collector’s delight - the pretty colors and vintage appeal add to their desirability. This locket has a plain sterling silver back and is marked “Sterling” on the jump ring. The inside retains its original insert rings and celluloid photo covers. The box chain, that dates later than the locket, is also marked “925” – English for Sterling –  and “71 AR” on the spring ring closure. Condition: Excellent. Locket snaps closed securely. No cracks or chips. Size: 1 1/8” diameter, 1/8” deep. Chain measures 20”.

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