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Victorian Jewelry: VJ084

ROSY-FINGERED DAWN (Victorian / Edwardian Jewelry Locket & Watch Pin ): I purchased a collection of these Art Nouveau (1890-1910) gold-filled lockets because I love the themes they display and their condition is so remarkable. Lockets were a fashion “craze” that has continued to delight ladies to this day. I believe that this locket set with paste brilliants is a late Victorian piece (c. 1890), since this particular subject reached its zenith at that time. Based on a bas-relief by the Danish sculptor, Bertel Thorwaldsen (sculpted in 1815), the winged goddess of Dawn, Aurora (Eos), ushers in the day. Homer described her as “rosy-fingered”, scattering roses on the earth as she welcomes the dawn of another day. She is accompanied by the Genius of Light - a cherubic figure also known as “Daystar Lucifer” - who bears a torch to light the day. A complex subject beautifully rendered. The locket opens from the top and retains the photo rim, but the celluloid photo cover is gone. The gold-filled, ornate, scrolled watch pin is a perfect match in color and style. It closes with a C clasp and early side safety guard. Condition: Excellent. The paste stones are still pristine and the locket fastens securely. I have included the original jump ring if you wish to wear it on a chain. Sold only as a set.  Size: Locket 1 1/4” diameter, with pin 2” long.

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