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Victorian Jewelry: VJ083

WINGS OF PEARL (Victorian Jewelry Butterfly Brooch / Watch Pin ): By the 1880’s Victorian society was beginning to change. Queen Victoria was no longer as influential as her beautiful daughter-in-law, Princess Alexandra, a trend-setting fashion plate. In keeping with the new “aestheticism”, fashions were lighter. Delicate lace replaced heavy fringe and lighthearted, dainty jewelry pieces began to replace the dark, somber massive styles Victoria favored. Animal and bird motifs – lizards, bees, frogs, swallows and butterflies – joined the ubiquitous snake. This exquisite Victorian Butterfly brooch is a perfect example of that transitional period. (1880-1890) Set with a multitude of tiny pearls in 14KT gold, you can just picture it landing on ivory lace. Since it functions as both a brooch and a watch pin, you can hang a gold locket or pendant from the hook on the back. I love these double duty pins! Wear it on the back shoulder of your jacket as a whimsical surprise. There is a C clasp closure and a pendant hook on the back. The mark “16A” appears on the bottom of the wing. Condition: Excellent, all original. Size: 1 5/8” wide, 1” high.  

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