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Victorian Jewelry: VJ082

THE ROMANCE OF SCOTLAND ( Victorian Jewelry Antique Scottish Agate Earrings ): One cannot overlook the impact that Scottish agate jewelry had on fashion throughout the entire Victorian era. These fabulous Sterling Silver earrings display a striking combination of bloodstone, jasper and striated gray agate. (c. 1870) The overall design is geometric with engraving between the agates and a silver ball decoration. There are an unusual amount of small agate pieces inlayed in a pattern that I have not seen before. Scottish earrings are scarce since they were not made until the Victorian period. A “must have” for Scottish collectors! I love the “ball” embellished shepherd’s hook ear wires. Queen Victoria’s love affair with Scotland was well publicized. Her loyal subjects traveled to Scotland to view the scenic wonders and experience a culture rich in tradition. Share that experience every time you wear these beauties. Condition: Excellent. Size: 1 7/8” long (not including the ear wires), 3/4” wide.  

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