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Victorian Jewelry: VJ080

SYMBOLS OF THE SUN-GOD ( Victorian Jewelry Egyptian Revival Earrings ): These amazing Scarab Beetle Earrings (the actual beetle preserved) demonstrate the lure of the exotic that permeated Victorian jewelry design. In 1867 the Suez Canal was opened and the Egyptian Revival was well and truly launched. Egyptians worshiped the scarab beetle as a symbol of the sun-god. This was the kind of beetle which rolled its food into the shape of a ball and pushed it along the ground. In this action the Egyptians saw a parallel to the sun, pushed across the sky in a similar way. The Victorian fascination with nature made these symbolic bugs a perfect choice for self adornment. Each earring has two perfect green iridescent beetles dangling from shepard’s hook wires. (c. 1860-1880) They are set in silver with a gold wash. Today these beetles are highly sought after and I buy them when ever I can find such fine quality as these dainty delights. Condition: Excellent. Size: 1 3/8” long, 1/2” wide.  

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