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Victorian Jewelry: VJ078

DOG PORTRAIT OF GRACE & ELEGANCE ( Victorian Jewelry Enameled Greyhound or Borzoi / Russian Wolfhound Locket ): Enamel work of such detail and delicacy is highly prized, especially when the subject is rendered with such affection. This 10KT Victorian Locket (c. 1880) tugs at your heart with its portrait of an obviously much-loved and pampered pet. Notice the pale blue collar and the sweetness of the facial features. Images such as this were very popular in the Victorian period, reflecting Queen Victoria’s legendary love of dogs. The front and back of the locket are elaborately chased. The locket opens to hold a portrait or keepsake and closes securely. The photo inserts are missing. The dog depicted on the locket may be a Greyhound or a Borzoi / Russian Wolfhound, but more importantly is an example of noble love and devotion. Condition: Excellent. A few tiny chips to the enamel not visible to the naked eye in such a delicate piece. Size: Locket without bale 1" high, 3/4" wide, 1/8" deep

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