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Victorian Jewelry: VJ077

JET BLACK BUCKLE ( Victorian Jewelry Whitby Jet Bracelet ): A jewelry piece as exquisite as this Victorian Buckle Bracelet (c. 1840) is a treasure for all time. Carved from Whitby Jet, this superb segmented bracelet features a large carved and pierced central plaque embellished with a highly detailed gold buckle. (Symbolic of "a perfect fit".) Each of the 13 carved and faceted panels is a separated segment, threaded on 2 rows of elastic, to form the bracelet circle. (Elastic was invented in 1830 and quickly used to create expandable bracelets.) The very finest jet ever discovered came from the cliffs around Whitby, England. Jet jewelry reached its zenith in the Victorian era where the intensity of the black made jet jewelry the perfect stone to reflect the deepest grief. However, Whitby Jet was also a popular souvenir of a visit to the seaside town. This is a strikingly beautiful example of Whitby Jet at its best. Condition: Excellent. A few tiny chips (see photo) of no consequence in a piece like this. Elastic is firm. Size: Central Buckle Plaque - 2 5/8" high, 1 1/2" wide. Faceted segments - most are 2", high 1/2" wide. The inner circumference is 6" and it stretches to 8". Fits a small to medium wrist.

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