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Victorian Jewelry: VJ073

BANDED BEAUTY ( Victorian Jewelry Banded Agate Bracelet ): An enormous round plaque of richly colored black, brown and white banded agate is the centerpiece of this impressively sized Victorian bracelet. Seven similar, but smaller, plaques of banded agate complete the circle around the wrist. Each plaque is framed by a gold-filled classic bezel and lip setting, enhanced by a rope twist border. The bracelet is formed by elastic threaded through two parallel tubes on the back of each agate circle. This clever and comfortable arrangement both conceals and protects the elastic - a fairly new and innovative technical achievement when this bracelet was made around 1850 to 1880. This expandable arrangement eliminated the need for clasps and allowed flexibility in sizing. This bracelet will fit a medium or small wrist. Scaled to be in proportion to the huge crinolines and bustles of mid-Victorian fashion, this banded agate beauty is now a bold statement for a woman of style and confidence. Condition: Excellent. One tiny flea bite not visible to the naked eye. The polish on the stones is mirror-like. Wonderful! Size: Center round agate 1 1/2" diameter, other round agates 3/4" diameter. Total circumference 8 1/4", elastic expands to 11 1/2".

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