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Victorian Jewelry: VJ071

TARTAN IN STONE ( Victorian Jewelry Antique Scottish Agate Brooch ): Victorian Scottish "plaid" brooches are frequently thought of as large circular brooches used to pin the draped plaid to a personís shoulder. But there is another type of plaid brooch, made like this one, from inlayed pieces of stone or "pebbles". This complex mosaic is designed to evoke the "sett" or pattern of the clan tartans. This elegant combination of agates, jasper, bloodstone and onyx is made in the traditional way - precision cut, glued to a stone base and polished to such smoothness that it is difficult to feel the edges of the stone. (Notice the stone backing.) Held by four large claws in a gilt gold stamped and pierced setting, it fastens with the original C clasp. These pebble brooches were all the rage in the middle years of the 19th Century (c. 1840 - 1860) when Queen Victoria led the fashion for all things Scottish. This is a truly wonderful example of a difficult lapidary technique. Perfect for a professional look or a casual sweater. Condition: Excellent. Tiny flea bite not visible to the naked eye. Mosaic is firm in the setting. Size: 2 1/8" wide, 1 5/8" high.

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