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LEAVES OF IRISH BOG OAK ( Victorian Jewelry Irish Bog Oak Bracelet ): This inspired Irish bog oak bracelet is a treat for collectors. Dazzling in design and texture, pieces in this condition are highly sought after. Bog oak is a generic term for oak, fir, pine and yew turned black and hard in the peat-bogs of Ireland. The memory of the appalling distress caused by the great potato famine in Ireland in the mid-1840’s permeated all aesthetic discussion of Irish crafts during the succeeding decades. Every Victorian English purchaser felt that they were to some extent a benefactor to Ireland. The fern leaf design used in this bracelet was registered in 1865. Every leaf vein appears totally natural. The fern leaves were molded by a process that involved the drying and cutting of the wood into a rough shape and then subjecting it to hydraulic or other pressure in steel dies previously heated to a high temperature. The leaves are mounted in 18KT gold gilt and each leaf has a gold rope edge finish. Each of the 3 motifs has a gold ball mounted in the center. The motifs are linked together and snap firmly with a V-spring and box clasp. A bracelet very similar to this is shown on Page 535 of Shirley Bury’s Jewelry, Volume II. Condition: Excellent. Size: 6 1/2" long, central bog oak motif 2" in diameter. Note: This bracelet fits a small wrist only!

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