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Victorian Jewelry: VJ068

NIELLO GEOMETRIC CROSS ( Victorian Jewelry Niello Cross Pendant ): A sophisticated eye may well be attracted to the silver and dark grey metallic inlay called Niello. This technique was usually employed to create very elegant restrained designs, very often geometric patterns, stripes or squares such as illustrated by this wonderful Victorian cross pendant. (c. 1880) Even the large bale is entirely worked in tiny squares. Niello was an ancient Russian technique for decorating silver, which was revived in the nineteenth century. The design was engraved on the silver, the engraved recesses were filled with a greyish-black alloy of silver, copper, lead and sulphur - then fired and polished smooth. Most of the Niello work was done by Parisian firms. This stylish cross is both antique and modern. Condition: Very good. A few surface scratches and a tiny bit of wear on the back side edge. Size: Total length 3 1/4". Cross only 2 5/8" long, 1 5/8" wide, 1/4" thick.

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