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Victorian Jewelry: VJ067

GLITTERING GARNET STARBURST ( Victorian Jewelry Garnet Locket ): Victorians were extremely fond of garnet jewelry - and pieces that were versatile are particularly desired by collectors. This gorgeous Victorian Bohemian Garnet Pendant / Locket / Pin has it all! (c. 1890) It does everything but tap dance! All the garnets are bright, lively, deep burgundy colored stones. The central pin starburst is three-tiered in depth. The garnet incrusted bale comes off and the loop folds down when you want to wear the starburst as a pin. On the back of the pin, the celluloid cover lifts and provides a place to hold a photo or a lock of hair. The setting is "garnet gold" - a low carat gold commonly used to set these garnet cluster pieces. The original C clasp is still in place and it has a cover over the pin tip so that it will not catch on your clothing when worn as a locket. If you have been wanting a special piece of garnet jewelry, you cannot do better than this. Condition: Excellent. All original, no missing stones. Size: 2" long, including bale. Pin portion is 1 1/2" long, 1 3/8" wide.

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