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Victorian Jewelry: VJ066

DOUBLE HOOP LOOPS ( Victorian Jewelry Earrings ): These unusual Victorian double hoop pierced earrings are something of a mystery. They date from the middle years of Queen Victoria’s reign (c. 1860 - 1870). Each hoop is a very dark brown grooved and twisted material wrapped in both a 9 KT gold grooved ribbon and a very fine rope wire twist. The hoops are joined at the top by gold connectors which enable them to dangle from Shepherd’s hook ear wires. It is possible that the dark brown hoops are made of tortoise or horn from their firm texture, but I am not willing to damage the earrings in order to test them. Their composition will have to remain a mystery. Every movement you make will have heads turning to watch these hoops dance and glisten with flashes of gold. A particularly wearable fashion treasure for the collector of Victorian jewelry. Condition: Excellent. Size: Outer hoop 1 1/4" in diameter. Inner hoop 7/8" in diameter. Hoops are 1/8" thick.

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