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Victorian Jewelry: VJ065

A BELOVED BABY BLUE ( Victorian Jewelry Portrait Miniature Pendant ): This colorful Victorian Portrait Miniature (c. 1890) must have been very special to its original owner. Hand painted on Ivory, it will forever preserve the image of this beloved pet. A favorite with Victorians, this "blue" Spitz / Pomeranian dog was often reproduced in porcelain figurines. Queen Victoria was especially fond of the German Spitz and was instrumental in miniaturizing the breed to what we now know as Pomeranians. The sweet, gentle face is so realistic and the silky blue-grey fur makes you want to reach out and stroke this little pet. It is mounted in a gold wash pendant frame which still retains its original bale. Four tiny pins hold the velvet-backed portrait in its frame. A touching and beautiful collector’s piece. Condition: Excellent. No cracks or damage. Size: 2 1/2" high, 2" wide.

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