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Victorian Jewelry: VJ064

GREETING THE DAWN ( Victorian Jewelry Silver Angel Locket ): This is a locket that you have to see to believe! A huge Sterling Silver Victorian Locket with one of the most beautiful motifs of the period. (c. 1840 - 1880) An Angel greets the Dawn by scattering blossoms while the cherub riding on her back holds aloft a torch to bring the light of day. This motif named "Morning" is one of Danish sculptor, Bertel Thorvaldsen’s (1768 - 1844) most famous images and highly desired by collectors. The design is done in Repoussé work, a decorative technique of raising a pattern on metal by punching or hammering from the reverse side. On the back is an elaborate engraved design of flowers, leaves and scrolls with a double border. There is a plaque where initials can be engraved. Inside the locket are 2 royal blue liner backgrounds. There are no celluloid photo covers. The hinge is very tight and the locket closes securely. I have added a lovely new bale to replace the former old ring at the top. Love it? Own it! Condition: Excellent. A few fine scratches and on the inside one of the blue liners has been roughed up a bit, probably from taking it in and out. Size: 2" high, 1 1/2" wide. Design raised 1/8".

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