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Victorian Jewelry: VJ059

SILVER ANCHOR OF HOPE ( Victorian Jewelry Silver Brooch ):  To the Victorians, the Anchor was a symbol of Hope, an emotion that provided a refuge from the travails of living in a time when death was always near. Faith (Cross), Hope (Anchor) and Charity (Heart) was an extremely popular motif found on all types of jewelry. This huge English Sterling Silver Anchor Brooch is an outstanding example of a master craftsman’s work. The stem is dimensional, as well as the striking twisted silver rope that coils around the anchor with a realistically frayed end. The entire pin is decorated with exquisite hand engraving. Notice the fine tips on the anchor and the delicate work at the top of the ring. Such a wonderful statement piece, rich in beauty and symbolism, will never go out of style. The back has the original C clasp closure and English registration marks dating c. 1880. Because of the anchor ring at the top, this pin can also be worn as a pendant with the addition of a bale hook. Condition: Excellent. No surface wear at all. Size: 3 1/4" high, 1 7/8" wide.

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