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Victorian Jewelry: VJ058

A HANDFUL OF NATURE’S LUCK ( Victorian Jewelry Banded Agate Hand Necklace ): I find this chic combination of old and new to be an exciting blend of both artistic and historic taste. The banded agate hand amulet is pure Victorian (1840 - 1880) and is capped in chased gold. Oh, the colors in this translucent amulet! Luscious golds, rust, sage and a milky white run across this carving in a homage to nature’s unmatched perfection. Beautiful large beads of picture agate are combined with carved melon shaped Carnelian beads. The beads are hand knotted on silk for durability and to make them hang properly. This is simply too good to pass up! When will you see it again? There is a sturdy gold-filled box and V-spring clasp. Condition: Excellent. There is the tiniest flea bite at the tip of the finger. Size: The necklace is 18 1/2" long and the agate hand good luck amulet is 1 3/4" long.

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