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Victorian Jewelry: VJ057

VERSATILE VICTORIANA ( Victorian Jewelry Gold Watch Pin ): This glamorous 9 KT Gold Watch Pin is perfect for displaying the grandest of your Victorian pendant pieces. Or you can simply wear it alone as an elegant embodiment of Victorian taste. Two pins in one! It is difficult to find a watch pin of such magnificent style and size. Designed in the "archaeological revival" style (circa 1860 - 1880) with delicate texturing and elaborate taille d’epergne enameling. Taille d’ epernge is an enameling technique in which an engraved design is filled with opaque enamel, usually black. (Also known as " black enamel tracery".) The brooch is multi-layered with a raised foliage and floral centerpiece held in place by rivets. Be sure to look closely at the side view of this lovely Victorian treasure. It fastens with its original C clasp extended pin back and bears a strong hook for holding a watch or locket. Condition: Excellent. No enamel damage. Size: 1 1/2" wide, 1 1/4" high, 1/2" deep.

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