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Victorian Jewelry: VJ053

STARBURST OF GARNETS ( Victorian Jewelry Garnet Brooch ): Step back into the past when you wear this glittering Victorian Starburst Brooch. Set in "garnet gold" (silver with a gold wash), the brooch is designed in two levels of pyrope (red) garnets, the curved starburst and the raised inner circle. A very pretty dimensional effect. The outer border is set with faceted garnets, the inner star flat-cut garnets and the center circle a combination of both faceted and flat-cut garnets. (1840 - 1880) Some believe that garnets empower the wearer with truth, constancy and faith. Notice the pin back - it is the first time that I have seen this lever hinge. Pin back and C clasp are all original. The quality, style and deep red color make this a piece to be admired. It seems that garnets never go out of style! Condition: Excellent. No stones missing. Size: Brooch 1 3/4" diameter, center circle 3/4" diameter.

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