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Victorian Jewelry: VJ051

MYTHS AND MIRRORS: Beauty and convenience combine in this lovely Victorian Sterling Silver Pendant made in France circa 1880. On the front is an intricate cockatrice, foliage, flowers and a decorative, monogrammed initial, while the back sports a dragon intertwined amongst the vines. The pendant swivels open at the top to reveal two mirrors and it snaps securely closed at the bottom. Legend had it that the cockatrice came from a rooster's egg hatched by a serpent. It has the form of a dragon but the head of a rooster. It is also said that its breath is poisonous and anyone caught in the creature's gaze was turned to stone. The depth and complexity of the chasing is breath-taking. Chased is a technique of decorating metal from the front, usually by hand, forming a relief design by raising and indenting. The pendant is marked "DEPOSE", a registered mark found on French items. There is a wonderful large sterling bale at the top. Use it as a mirror for a quick and unobtrusive make-up check or simply wear it because of its beauty. Condition: Excellent. Slightest surface wear. Size: 1 7/8" high from ring, 1 1/2" wide.

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