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Victorian Jewelry: VJ050

"NEW LOVE" LOCKET: This delicate, feminine late Victorian Locket (1880 - 1900) is sterling silver with white guilloche enamel and hand painted blossoms. Guilloche is a machine engraved decoration on metal, over which a translucent enamel is applied. It suggests a "ray" like design in this piece. The Russian artists of Faberge turned this patterned enamel work into a true art form. Purple and pink lilacs have been daintily painted by hand over the enamel. In the "language of flowers" lilacs often represent new love. The inside of the locket still retains its gold wash, but there are no photo cover inserts. This is an appealing locket, aglow with color. Condition: Excellent. Locket hinged clasp works well. Tiny flea bite on back enamel, but it is not a chip. Size: 1 1/8" high, 3/4" wide.

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