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Victorian Jewelry: VJ049

QUEEN VICTORIA’S PASSION ( Victorian Jewelry Antique Scottish Agate Brooch ): This large magnificent Victorian Silver Scottish Agate Brooch represents the best of the fashion "for all things Scottish". Queen Victoria’s pride in her Stuart ancestry and the popularity of Sir Walter Scott’s romantic novels made Scottish Jewelry a fashionable accessory (1840 - 1870). This thick complex brooch is the Order of the Garter Strap and Buckle, the chivalric order headed by Queen Victoria. She wore this order on her arm. Elaborately engraved, this brooch is set with red jasper, gray agate, carnelian and bloodstone. This ancient stone is actually a dark green chalcedony with flecks of red, hence the name, bloodstone. Many magical ancient powers were ascribed to it, including the power to stop bleeding and preserve health. When the Queen purchased Balmoral Castle in 1848 the heart of English society was instantly captivated with the subtle colors of moss and heather, the mysteries of high gray castle walls and the strict heraldry which still ruled the clans. Typically not hallmarked during this period, the silver hollow-ware back retains its original C clasp and the ring for a safety chain. Own the Queen’s own! Condition: Very Good. Tiny chip on the point of the gray agate crescent on the left. A fleabite on the underside of the rust square on the buckle. A few small dents in the back which are not visible when worn. Size: 2 1/4" high, 2" wide.

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