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Victorian Jewelry: VJ047

ARTS AND CRAFTS BEJEWELED PENDANT ( Arts & Crafts Jewelry Silver Pendant ): In the early 20th century there were four concurrent jewelry styles: Victorian, Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau and Edwardian. It can be difficult to clearly identify turn-of-the-century pieces as one particular style. At times two or more styles are commingled in a single piece of jewelry. I fell in love with this unusual turn-of-the-century pendant because of its strong Arts & Crafts styling. Worked in silver with a gold wash, the amethyst glass stones are featured against a hammered background in a style that recalls the Medieval look so favored by the Arts & Crafts Movement. They rebelled against the excesses of Victorian ornamentation. Jewelry had a lighter, softer look. This pendant in 3 linked parts has a striking color mix and favors a simple bezel stone setting. The central stone is faceted only from behind. A fascinating period of multiple influences. A beautiful statement piece to own. See a very similar piece on page 213 of Jeanenne Bell's Answers to Questions About Old Jewelry. Condition: Excellent. All original. Pendant 3" long to drop, 1 3/8" wide. Chain is 19" long. Pendant falls just below collar bone.

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