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Victorian Jewelry: VJ033

CHARMING CHARMS ( Victorian Jewelry Gold Watch Pin & Agate Charms ): The Victorian love of sentiment and symbolism is expressed in this trio of hand-carved agate charms. The cross, of course, represents faith; the anchor is hope and the heart symbolizes charity - the three cardinal virtues of Christianity. They dangle from a brass ring suspended from a fleur-de-lis watch pin. The watch pin is gold filled and has a beaded edge and foliate embellishment. The back of the pin is marked "W L" and has a safety clasp. With its long back hook, the watch pin may be reused with other pieces such as lockets or pendants. Condition: Very good. The banded agate heart has a chip on the back that does not show from the front. The cross has a small chip at the bottom. The watch pin is in excellent condition. The entire combination is 2 1/4" long and 7/8" wide.

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