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Victorian Jewelry: VJ031

FILIGREE FLORAL BOUQUET ( Victorian Jewelry Petra Dura Brooch ): This "petra dura" brooch is so lacy and feminine. Mosaics were popular souvenirs for the Victorian traveler. The mosaics from Florence were commonly known as "petra dura" (literally, hard stone). This is a technique in which thin slices of colored stones are cut with a small saw or copper wire into shapes and fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle to produce a picture. Usually a bed of black marble is used as a foundation. Flowers and birds were favorite motifs. This brooch has an exquisite peach shaded rose as its central motif. Agates and tiny pieces of malachite are used for the flowers and leaves. The mosaic is set in an 800 silver scrolled wirework and beading filigree bezel. A tiny work of art! I would think this brooch is Edwardian (c. 1890 - 1920) because of the early safety catch. Condition: Excellent. A tiny edge of one malachite leaf appears under magnification to be missing, but canít be seen by eye. 2" wide, 1 1/2" high.

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