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Ivory Jewelry: VJ024

EXOTIC INDIA ON IVORY: This romantic Victorian oval miniature transports you to another time and place. Hand painted on Ivory, this brooch depicts an Indian Mosque, a place of worship. The clouds in the blue sky and the painted tiles are executed with such perfection. Even the three figures in the foreground can be seen clearly. The colors are so vivid it could have been painted yesterday - but it wasn't. India was a part of the British Empire and Victorian visitors collected miniatures, such as this to celebrate their travels to the exotic realms of the huge Empire the Victoria ruled. Set in a 14 KT gold frame, the pin back has a C clasp and a glass compartment that once held hair or a photo. A wonderful evocative and uncommon piece of jewelry as well as a work of art. Condition: Excellent. One scratch on the glass and a tiny bit of green grass the right is flaked. 2 1/4" wide, 1 3/4" high.

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