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Victorian Jewelry: VJ145

SWIRLS OF AGATE IN LACE ( Victorian Jewelry Agate Earrings ): Light and delicate, these stunning Victorian Banded Agate Earrings speak of romance and refinement. (c. 1880-1900) Torpedo shaped drops are dramatized by the use of agate with intricate patterns of swirls and striking natural layered banding in subtle shades of chocolate, taupe and white. Please note that the agate was cut to form a match between the two earrings. At the rounded ends of the drops you can actually see the natural crystallization within the stone. The agate rounds at the top both display vertical stripes. Delicate lacelike 14KT frames with engraved scrolls and curls form the perfect setting for these seductive and alluring earrings. The agate drops are free swinging within their frames. The pierced ear backs with safety clasps go into your ear from the front and they snap closed. Unabashedly feminine, both the luscious color pattern and shape of these earrings harmonize to form a perfect balance of beauty in concert. Condition: Excellent. All original. Size: 2 ¼” long, ¾” at widest point.

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