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Victorian Jewelry: VJ018

THE PATH HOME ( Victorian Ivory Jewelry Portrait Miniature Brooch ): This large Victorian brooch combines the very unusual elements of painted Porcelain and Ivory. The diamond shaped frame is a lovely grained Ivory. (The color and grain can be seen best in the close-up of the 2 ladies.) Set under a domed cover is a tranquil, charming polychrome painting on porcelain. Two well-dressed ladies wander down the path that leads home - to a castle with turrets! Trees and bushes dot the landscape with one large tree at the left reaching to the top of the ivory frame. This brooch is probably the late Victorian Period: 1880-1900. The setting appears to be vermeil with a trombone clasp. To open the clasp you pull out the barrel on the end and the pin releases to swing up. It’s the first time I have seen a pin stem that swings up instead of to the side. Quite a clever design. Notice how the porcelain plaque is held in place on the back. The setting is clamped over the Ivory and Porcelain duo. I don’t know what the markings on the back mean. The pin stem also has an unreadable mark. Condition: Very good. A few surface scratches on dome. Total size: 3" wide, 2 1/4" high. Porcelain plaque: 2" wide, 1 3/8" high. Frame: 1/8" wide.

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