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YOUNG GERMAN PRINCE ( Rudolph Kämmer Antique Dresden Style Porcelain Black Pug Dog ): I love the large Kämmer Pugs with the lovely golden bells, but I know not everyone can afford them or already has them in their pug collection. Recently I stumbled across a small, more affordable Kämmer Pug that I like. This one is a Black Pug seated on a lovely maroon striped cushion decorated with gold cord and tassels. Like the large version, he is of the antique style with clipped ears but a body shaped more like our pugs of today. He has a gold trimmed maroon collar with six golden bells. The Rudolph Kämmer Porcelain Factory of the Thuringia region of Germany has been famous for its high quality hard paste porcelain since 1862. You can see the Kämmer crown over “K” hallmark on the base, with the initials “CS” written below it, probably the porcelain artist. Don't miss this bargain beauty!

Condition: Excellent.
Size: Total height 2 3/4”. Pug 2” high. Cushion 1 3/4” by 1 3/4”.

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