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Pug Figurines: PP703

TAKING A BREAK ( Meissen Porcelain Pug Dog ): This is a charming pose that our pug, Jade, commonly takes when she takes a break from romping with our new kitten. I particularly like this Meissen model because it is unusual among figurines. I can't remember seeing any other pugs thus posed. Also notice the delicately molded and positioned front paws. Though I can't be sure, I would guess this pug is among those originally made by Meissen in the 1700's. That is when many of the pugs in other than the common sitting and standing positions were first molded. A feature I love on all Meissen Pugs is their “beauty marks”. It draws the historical tie between our own pugs and those of centuries ago. This pug has the classic light blue Meissen collar with four golden bells. Though it looks white, it is actually a very light fawn color. It has the five digit model number “78609” impressed in the base indicating it was made from its antique mold sometime since 1974 when Meissen switched from three to five. The red “65” is probably the artist's number and the famous Meissen blue crossed swords hallmark in on top of the model number. A marvelous and relatively rare addition for your collection.

Condition: Excellent. No chips, cracks or repairs.
Size: 3 3/8" long, 1 5/8” wide, 1 3/8” high.

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