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Pug Figurines: PP679

MAGNIFICENT MOMMY MOPS ( Antique Hallmarked Conte & Boehme German Porcelain Pug Dog ): Conte & Boehme Pugs, not unlike Pugs themselves, are an acquired taste. Most pug owners have been told “She’s so ugly she’s cute”. That phrase may fit these C & B pugs dating from the late 1800’s. They become lovely in our eyes. This is especially true for the larger C & B Pugs over around 5” tall. They have much more detail in their morphology. What is frustrating in my search for such pugs at the various shows we go to or the direct offers I get to purchase pugs, is that the majority have flaws, some significant like leg or tail repairs, some not like fine scratches, small firing cracks or professional bell re-attachments. Some I am not able to detect until I can examine them with my black light. This large C & B Pug, purchased from a private collection, was a delightful exception. This lovely lady sports a collar decorated with 2 blue stripes and a central gold stripe, along with 5 large bells and a large bow. She has the added bonus of having the impressed C & B Hallmark of an Arm bearing a Short Sword within a Shield on her left front paw. The German Conte & Boehme Porcelain Company did not make the high quality, perfectly molded pugs like those produced by Meissen, Dresden & Nymphenburg. Their figurines of all types were made for the common folk and were relatively inexpensive so most were not hallmarked and many imperfect. These C & B Pugs were made in the latter part of the 1800’s, with the large models much less common than the smaller 3" to 5" pugs. The presence of the C & B Hallmark increases her value, so I’m sure she will become a prized possession for some lucky collector.

Condition: Excellent. Examined with black light. No repairs or repainting. Minor firing crack by left haunch (see photo). The usual loss of much of the gold paint from the bells & collar. (It is cold painted after firing so it rubs off easily.)
Size: 6 1/4” high, 7” long, 4” wide.

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