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Pug Figurines: PP646

KÄMMER BLACK PRINCESS ( Rudolph Kämmer Dresden Style Porcelain Black Pug Dog ): This beautiful female black Dresden Porcelain Pug Dog was made by the Rudolph Kämmer Porcelain Factory of the Thuringia region of Germany. Famous for its porcelain since 1862, Kämmer - along with Meissen, Thieme and Nymphenburg - are the four German porcelain factories making the highest quality hard paste porcelain pugs, hand painted by the finest porcelain artists and using the 18th century style pugs - longer legs and muzzle and cropped ears. My favorite Kämmer Pug features are the large gold bells on the burnt orange collars and the soft brown eyes - just like those of our two pug girls. The Kämmer pugs are less expensive than similar sized Meissen & Thieme Pugs because they are made from post WWII molds, as opposed to the antique molds the others have retained. This lovely lady is a slightly lighter shade of black, but still makes a lovely mate to PP647 listed below. High quality Black Pugs are hard to find. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Condition: Excellent. No chips, cracks or repairs.
Size: 8" high, 8 1/4" long, 4 3/4" deep and 7 large golden bells 5/8” in diameter.

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