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Pug Figurines: PP618

LORD OF THE C & B'S ( Antique Conte & Boehme Porcelain Pug Dog ): I can't believe my good fortune in being able to offer this – the largest of the Antique Conte & Boehme Standing Pugs – to you pug collectors. And one in such excellent condition! For several years back in the 1990's a California dealer had a wonderful, if expensive, collection of antique pugs for sale from her booth at a large show we frequently attend. This model pug was among them but had some obvious repairs. I asked her why he was so expensive. Her curt reply was: “Find another.” I began to think she was right until I got a phone call from a local man who had inherited an unwanted pug collection which he literally brought to my home. He had done his research but allowed me to pick and chose. This was the crown jewel. He was quite dirty (typical male) and I held my breath as I examined him with a black light following a bath (dirt glows). He was a winner! He is not hallmarked, but has the numbers “1561” (probably the model) and “00” on the bottom of the right front paw and “9” on the bottom of the left. He is too large (see photo with 12 oz. soda can) to display properly in our display case. I know he will become a star in one of yours!

Condition: Excellent. Has fine superficial scratches on muzzle, cheek, tail and right haunch; small glaze defect by tail; small ding on right eyebrow (see photos of all) and the usual loss of gold paint from bells on collar. No chips, cracks or repairs.
Size: 11 3/8” long, 9 1/4” high, 4” wide.

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