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MAY I HELP YOU? ( Antique Conta & Boehme Porcelain Pug Dog Condiment Dispenser ): Wouldn’t you love to have this pair of darling pugs looking up at you from your kitchen table? Probably a little too dangerous, but this is still a functional Salt, Pepper & Sugar (or Splenda) dispenser. The brown pug has a removable head with an opening in the back of the neck. I assume the opening is to hold a small utensil. The white pug has an opening in the base for filling. (The cork is new.) Both pugs are wearing blue collars with golden bells and have gold chains down their fronts. The “basket” may have actually been more commonly used for mustard in the 19th Century. It, the pug holders and the handle are decorated with gold accents. On the bottom you can see the arm holding a short sword within a shield – Conta & Boehme’s well known hallmark – along with the model number “5794”. The Conta & Boehme Porcelain Company was established in Pössneck, Germany in 1790. Its glory days were from 1850 to 1890 when it became famous for its English Fairing pieces.

Condition: Very good. There is a chip in the lip of the body of the brown pug and another along the side of the opening in the back of his neck. Neither show for display. Price considers chips.
Size: Total: 3 5/8” high, 3 3/4” wide, 4 1/4” deep. Brown pug (minus base): 3” high, 1 3/4” wide, 2” deep. White pug (minus base): 2 1/2” high, 1 1/2” wide, 2” deep. Basket: 2 3/4” wide, 2” deep, 1” high in front.

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