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Pug Figurines: PP569

MODERN ANTIQUE PUG ( Scheibe-Alsbach Bisque Porcelain Pug ): This new-old pug & this porcelain company were unknown to me until recently. I know antique pug molds by Meissen, Thieme Dresden & Nymphenburg survived WWII and are still used to make our beauties today. It turns out the Scheibe-Alsbach Porcelain Manufacturing Company, located in Thuringia, Germany, adds a 4th to this group. Founded by Louis Oels in 1835 as a paint shop for pipe bowls, the company added famous busts and animal figurines around 1860. The original molds form the basis of today’s inventory. You can see this pug has the typical German antique pug features – longer snout, longer legs, cropped ears and he sports a collar of bells. He is made in the Blanc-de-Chin (white) style in Bisque Porcelain (lightly fired to give a soft white coat). I particularly like the certificate’s description of their porcelain as “white gold”. He is slip cast and bears the imprinted model number “5113” and the company hallmark – a fancy “S”. He comes complete with his satin lined original box and a certificate addressed to: “Dear Connoisseur of fine porcelain figures”.

Condition: Excellent. No cracks, chips or repairs.
Size: 3” high, 3” long, 1 1/2" wide.

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