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Pug Figurines: PP552

FOXY FRAULEIN ( Antique Conta & Boehme Porcelain Pug Dog ): This medium sized Conta & Boehme female pug is special in that she bears the C & B hallmark – an arm holding a short sword within a shield. These Victorian Pugs were made by the German Porcelain Company – Conta & Boehme – in the latter part of the 1800’s. Because, unlike the finer Meissen & Dresden Pugs – these pugs were made for common folk, they were not initially expensive, weren’t all perfect in their molding and frequently did not bear the C & B hallmark. One might compare them to the Staffordshire dogs of England. This young lady is perfect in her molding, with none of the common firing cracks, but somewhere along the way she chipped her right front pinky toe. It doesn’t show, since it is in the back. Otherwise she is a lovely specimen with her blue trimmed collar bearing 5 bells and lovely bow in back. Almost all antique pugs have the gold rubbed off of their bells. In fact if such bells are all still gold it probably isn’t an antique or they were repainted. The gold paint used then had to be put on after the pug had cooled off. If the gold was painted on before the final firing it turned black. Thus the “cold painted” gold was quite easily rubbed off.

Condition: Very good. She has the usual loss of gold from her bells and some fine superficial scratches of her back & head. These don’t lower her value, but the chip of the 5th toe of her right front foot (see photos) does and is reflected in her price.
Size: 4” high, 4 ˝” long, 2 inches wide.

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