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Pug Figurines: PP533 A & B

AWESOME ANTIQUE PUG PAIR ( Antique Conte & Boehme Porcelain Pair of Pug Dogs ): One rarely finds a Conte & Boehme matching Pug Pair, particularly of this size. The reason I think this pair is the exception is that most C & B Pugs have subtle differences in the decoration of their collars and these match perfectly. Both have royal blue edging of collar and bow with a gold stripe down the middle. Though not C & B’s largest pugs (8 1/2" to the best of my knowledge), by comparing them with the smaller ones I have sold you can see these take on the much more detailed molding and appearance of C & B’s larger pugs (see sales pages & Pug Museum for comparisons). These Victorian Pugs were made by the German Porcelain Company – Conta & Boehme – in the latter part of the 1800’s. Unlike the finer Meissen & Dresden Pugs, these pugs were made for common folk. They were not initially expensive, weren’t all perfect in their molding and frequently did not bear the C & B hallmark. One might compare them to the Staffordshire dogs of England. The “35” on the left front foot of the female and the base of the male are probably the matching model numbers. The female also has “1560” & “0” on the right front foot and the male a large “0/B” on the base. I am not sure what these refer to. Neither is hallmarked. Don’t miss out on this rare find!

Condition: Very good. Both were examined with a black light. One nicely repaired bell on female’s collar (see photo), few tiny chips on male’s face, the usual loss of cold painted gold from bells and collar. Price reflects repaired bell.
Size: Female – 6 3/4” high, 7” long, 4 1/4" wide. Male – 6 5/8” high, 7” long, 4 1/4" wide.

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