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Pug Figurines: PP498

NICE LITTLE NYMPH ( Nymphenburg Porcelain Pug Dog ): This is a lovely little pug lying on her fancy cushion with her head eagerly raised seeking attention. I have 2 Nymphenburg Pugs in my personal collection – one large and painted, the other small and done in the blanc de Chine (literally "white of China") style as is this one. Nymphenburg is known for its highest of quality porcelain pieces. Their limited numbers of pugs are rarely seen for sale. Many are 19th Century in appearance with their cropped ears. I have an old small catalogue of some of their animals and the retail prices of 10 or 15 years ago were almost unbelievable. Anyway, this one will be affordable for you and you can add a prestigious Nymphenburg Pug to your collection. On the bottom of the cushion the Nymphenburg shield hallmark is both impressed and printed – along with the word “Nymphenburg”. There is a number “156” & “5” also impressed in the base. Condition: Excellent. Size: 1 ¾” long, 1 ¼” high, 1 ¼” wide.

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