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Pug Figurines: PP483

PLEASE PET ME ( Antique Japanese Imari Porcelain Pug ): Let me say up front I have no Oriental Pugs in my personal collection and know nothing about them. I have started to look at them more closely, because some of my collectors like them. Most do not appeal to me, but I found this fellow irresistible. I love his pose and the look on his face as if begging you to pet him. I purchased him at a high quality antique show with respected dealers, so I assume my information is correct. He is an Antique Japanese Imari Pug dating from the late 1800s. From the internet I learned that Imari Porcelain is the European collectors' name for Japanese porcelain wares made in the town of Arita and exported from the port of Imari, Saga, specifically for the European export trade. The production of high quality hard paste porcelain became possible following the discovery of kaolin clay in the area in 1616. By the 1700s Japanese Imari porcelain rivaled the quality of Chinese porcelain.

Condition: Very good. I believe he is missing his right pupil, since the left one protrudes and the right is depressed. Both look similar unless closely inspected. The flowers are in the glaze, not cold painted later, so a few areas where the paint may appear absent occurred during firing. There are no chips, cracks or repairs (examined with black light). Size: 6 long, 3 wide, 3 high.

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