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Pug Figurines: PP352

GERMAN PUG MOMMY ( Antique Conta & Boehme Porcelain Pug Dog ): This style of German Porcelain Pug Dog is generally found seated rather than standing. That is what makes this great old pug mom a bit harder to come by. Though unmarked, I’m 99% sure that this lady (definitely a female) was made by the German Porcelain Company of Conta & Boehme. Since these pugs were not expensive when made in the late 19th Century, many were not hallmarked. Conta & Boehme was best known for their “fairing” pieces given out as prizes at English country fairs. They are now very collectable. Condition: Excellent for age. The gilt is partly worn off his collar bells - almost always true in pugs of this age. There is a minor defect in the glaze seen on the back side and some minor scuffs on the face. No chips, cracks or repairs. Size: 3" high, 3 1/4" long.

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