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Pug Figurines: PP331

FAUX CHELSEA PRINCESS ( Vintage Chelsea Antique Pug Dog Reproduction ): I would love to tell you that this is a real Chelsea Pug from their “Gold Anchor Period” (1758-1770). It does bear their Gold Anchor hallmark, their most forged hallmark, and this is a great example of the early English Porcelain Pug style. However, since it is marked “Germany” on the bottom – I would say this is a high quality reproduction, not a forgery. The Chelsea factory was founded in 1743 and remained independent until 1770 when it merged with Derby. Derby pugs have this same appearance. She is nicely molded, hand painted and seated on a royal blue cushion with golden tassels at the corners. She sports a red collar with what looks like a golden flower-shaped clasp in back. Condition: Excellent. Some paint rubbed off of sides of cushion, golden anchor and tassels. Size: Pug 1 1/4” high, 2 1/2” long. Cushion 2 3/4” long, 1 1/2” wide. Total height 1 3/4”.

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