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Pug Figurines: PP303

THE ESSENCE OF PUG ROYALTY ( Chelsea House Meissen Pug Dog Reproduction ): “This doesn’t look like any Meissen Pug I’ve ever seen!” That was my thought upon first seeing this pug. I was wrong! This is not just a Meissen reproduction, but a very fine Meissen reproduction - based on the one Meissen made in the early 1700’s of Heinrich Count von Brühl’s favorite pug. Chelsea House is well known for their high quality hand painted porcelain reproductions of famous antique figurines. I went through my Meissen Catalogue and to my surprise – there she was! The likeness is remarkable. I have shown a photograph of the original Meissen from the catalogue so you can see for yourself. To the best of my knowledge this is the largest of all Meissen pugs. The molding is so fine you can see the hair of the coat. She wears a lovely broad light blue collar with gold trim and a spectacular gold buckle with a lock. She is seated on a brushed magenta cushion edged in lace patterned gold trim. Condition: Excellent. Size: Pug 9 1/4” high, 8” long, 4 1/2” wide. Cushion 1” high, 9” long, 5 1/2” wide. Total height 10 1/4”.

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