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I LOVE JELLY BEANS! ( Vintage Porcelain Pug Dog Match Holder/Striker ): This is a lovely Porcelain Pug Dog Maiden carrying a basket on her back. The basket is attached to her by a beautiful pink ribbon with a big bow in the front. She is actually a match holder with the back of the basket being the striking surface. I don’t smoke, but I love jelly beans (as do our pugs), so I have turned her into a “jelly bean dispenser”. She is very nicely modeled and hand painted. I would guess that she is Victorian. What a sweet expression on her face!  There is the number “2” in the glaze of the bottom of the basket – probably a model number. She would go very nicely with her sister – (PP153) on Page 4. Condition: Excellent. Size: 4” high, 4” long, 2” wide.

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