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Pug Figurines: PP277

THE REAL DEAL! ( Victorian Staffordshire Pug Dog ): Though an avid pug collector for 30 years, I have never been particularly fond of Staffordshire Pugs, except for the large gray ones with glass eyes (PP204). Recently I purchased some of the pugs of an East Coast pug breeder and collector – including this superb fellow. (c. 1890) My research led me to the book “A-Z of Staffordshire Dogs” by Clive Mason Pope. He pictures only 3 type pugs – the large gray ones mentioned, this one (page 144 – see photos) and another large pair – also in the collection I purchased.  WOW! The reason I didn’t appreciate Staffordshire dogs was because of the  thousands of King Charles Spaniels one sees – which the family shops in Staffordshire started making in 1837 because of the fame of Queen Victoria’s “Dash” – and because of the relatively crude look compared to the German Porcelain Pugs. I learned they were made in small shops in Staffordshire, starting in the late 1800’s and often decorated by children. They weren’t made for the export market – like the German pugs – but made for the mantles of ordinary Englishmen and often called “comforters”. Thanks to Queen Victoria – and by extension Staffordshire – dogs became part of English Victorian families. They only had to earn their keep by giving love and joy – just as our pugs today. Condition: Excellent for age. A few flecks of black in the glaze, small firing crack behind left front leg and generalized mild crazing of glaze (which I like). Most of gilt missing from bell on collar. Size: 7 1/2” high, 7 1/2” long.  

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